Buford Highway Apartment Fire BROOKHAVEN

Dozens of people lost everything when flames broke out at a Brookhaven Apartment Complex, 47 people were impacted in the 12 apartments. January 16th, 2015 Fire Date, all residence suvived.

Brookhaven apartment fire leaves 47 people without shelter

The City Of Brookhaven and Metropolitan Artifacts have set up a Donation Drive: Press Photos

Outpouring of donations for Brookhaven fire victims, City to head up distribution

Julie Cusmano Silber reached out to the Brookhaven community for donations to help displaced families as a result of a large apartment fire that took place on January 16th in the Marquis Terrace apartments on Buford Hwy. Silber’s family owns Metropolitan Artifacts Architectural Antiques in Chamblee and volunteered their store to be a collection point for household goods, clothing and personal items to help the fire victims.

Wednesday morning, the effort was handed over to the City of Brookhaven who will take all of the donated goods to Briarwood Rec. Center where they will be sorted and stored. The city will allow residents who lost everything in the fire to come by Briarwood and collect items they need. Ref: Trey Bento


Buford Highway Apartment Fire BROOKHAVEN

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