How Can I Buy GoldHow can I buy gold | Choose a gold firm that has a solid track record. Ten years in business is good; fifteen years or more is even better. As gold continues its secular bull market, opportunists are sure to enter the market, resulting in numerous start-up gold firms that often close their doors as quickly as they were opened.

Firms fifteen years old or more have seen both good times and bad in the gold market. As such, they have demonstrated a commitment to the industry that carries a great deal of value to you as an investor.

Such longevity shows not only a commitment to the principles of gold ownership itself, but is also indicative of the sustainability of a particular organization – an important indicator when it comes to the ethics of an organization’s sales practices, the accuracy of its advice, and it’s ability to honor its commitments.

How can I buy gold | is very simple. There are basically a few ways of buying gold and each depend basically on what sort of gold you wish. These are:

  • Gold Coins
  • Gold bars
  • Gold bullion

Buying Physical Gold Bullion Bars

Purchasing gold bullion bars can be an effective method to acquire gold assets at a relatively low cost per troy-ounce of the metal. When purchasing gold bullion bars, it is important to understand that gold bars are available for purchase in many different sizes. Gold bullion bars are available in standard 1-troy ounce, 10-troy ounce and 32.15-troy ounce (or “kilo-bar”) sizes, as well as in larger 100-ounce and 400-ounce bar sizes. Smaller gold bars, weighing less than one-troy ounce, are also available from some dealers. Gold ingots are generally pure gold, with an industry standard minimum fineness of .995 fine, ensuring the highest quality, purity and clarity.


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How Can I Buy Gold